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A 12m boat which combines the affordable luxury with the safe sailing according to its innovative naval design. ORCA, a well constructed boat, is ideal for sunbathing, diving and relaxedness inside the cabin or all around the boat. Furthermore, the most attractive advantage of ORCA is the great feeling of sea while sailing. The crew of ORCA will generally recommend you the best itinerary as they know the area extremely well; they know the prettiest harbors, the quietest beaches and the best areas for snorkeling, water sports and scuba diving. But the choice is yours as the itinerary is always flexible. The yacht is self-owned property. Our professional crew guarantees that your cruise will become a lifelong memory for you and your fellow guests, Price is per boat per day (8 hours) maximum up to 10 adults.

 PAXOI is an incredible microcosm. A verdant sanctuary for peace and quiet. A "large-small" garden in bloom with the most amazing beaches, small coves, and sea caves.

 PARGA it looks like an island! Take the chance to walk around the traditional stony alleys and experience a romantic getaway...

 SIVOTA. Seapool it is unique by definition! It is located in Ag. Nikolaos island and is accesible only by boat. You should dive into these crystal waters. Bella Vraka an awesome beach!! An invisible sandy line actually provides the access by feet to Mourtemeno island.


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