There are 3 doctors in Parga.

The contact numbers are as follows:


There are 3 chemists in Parga whom are all very helpful and professional and speak excellent English. Most small ailments can be treated by the chemist without the need to go a doctor and many medicines are available over the counter. The chemist will always refer you to the doctor if necessary.

The chemists are as follows:

Pharmacies usually close during siesta and on the weekends and public holidays 1 will operate on a rota system.

In case you require the chemist outside of these hours, they run an emergency cover on a rota basis. The details of which can be found on the door of the Pharmacy.


There are two dentists in Parga and are both private. The opening hours are 09.00 - 13.00 Mon - Fri.

The contact numbers are as follows:


The nearest hospital is in Preveza 1 hour by car, also Ioannina Hospital is around 1.5 hours by car. There is also an emergency service at Parga's Medical Center (on a rota).

Police Station

The crime rate is very low, however it still advisable to take care of your personal belongings. With the influx of tourists in the summer season, it is advisable to lock up and always keep your balcony shutters closed while you are out and when asleep at night. In the event of a theft etc. a report must be made immediately at the local police station which is situated by the main crossroad next to the Post Office. Tel no. +30 26840.31222.

Important please note the above information may be subject to change at any time.

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