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Travel Booking Services | Parga Hotels

Welcome To, part of ITS Travel Services,
Your friendly, family run travel agency...

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The easy and straight forward way to book all your chosen excursions. Take advantage of our excellent special offer below, guarantee your places on your chosen excursions to avoid disappointment and save time!

Flight Booking Engine

Coming soon...

Flight seat availability online at

Dear Clients our flight engine is at present a demo version. No flights will be booked or paid for at the moment. Soon we will be able to offer you this service as well. Thank you for your custom.

Contact Information
ITS Travel 4 Sp.Livada, Parga, 48060 Greece
Phone: +30 26840 31833
Fax: +30 26840 31834
Reservations: +30 26840 31833
Winter Office: +30 26840 31515

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