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Money matters

The Greek currency is the Euro (€).


The I.T.S. and PARGA.NET offices are open for exchange daily from 09.00 till late and we can exchange Travellers Cheques, Eurocheques and most currencies and you will find that we can exchange your money at a very competitve rate with a very small commission fee. Your passport will be required each time you change Travellers Cheques.

As well as the I.T.S. and PARGA.NET offices, money can also be exchanged at the three banks in Parga, the opening times are as follows: Monday - Thursday 09.00 - 14.00 Friday 09.00 - 13.30 Sat - Sun Closed. The banks have cash points which take all major credit cards. (Please check for charges).

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Contact Information
ITS Travel 4 Sp.Livada, Parga, 48060 Greece
Phone: +30 26840 31833
Fax: +30 26840 31834
Reservations: +30 26840 31833
Winter Office: +30 26840 31515

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