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There is a laundry situated on the road into to Parga. They will wash and iron your clothes for a local charge.

Newspapers & Magazines

Foreign newspapers and magazines can be purchased at the the I.T.S. Travel Services office, for those who want to keep up with the news from home.


There are numerous bakeries in Parga, where wonderful freshly baked bread can be obtained. Best time is in the morning.


Supermarkets are plentiful around town and open from 08.00 - 22.00 (even later in high season). Most of them stock many foreign brands plus fresh milk.

Safety deposit boxes

These are available at the main I.T.S office at a cost of  8 Euros per week.

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Contact Information
ITS Travel 4 Sp.Livada, Parga, 48060 Greece
Phone: +30 26840 31833
Fax: +30 26840 31834
Reservations: +30 26840 31833
Winter Office: +30 26840 31515

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