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Local Bus

There is a bus service to Athens, Preveza and Igoumenitsa. The timetable can be found at the bus station or at the I.T.S office.


There is a taxi rank on the main crossroad but you may not find a taxi when you need one, especially late at night or during siesta. You can prebook a taxi at the I.T.S and PARGA.NET offices.

Car and Bike Hire

For the independent traveller car hire is an excellent choice, enabling you to explore the remote beaches and mountain hideaways of Epirus. All types of bike and car can be hired. We also hire bicycles for those in a energetic mood but beware of the many hills around this area. Call into one of the I.T.S and PARGA.NET  offices for information and prices.

Taxi boats

There is a taxi boats service to Lichnos, Valtos, Sarakiniko... The timetable can be found the I.T.S and PARGA.NET offices.

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Contact Information
ITS Travel 4 Sp.Livada, Parga, 48060 Greece
Phone: +30 26840 31833
Fax: +30 26840 31834
Reservations: +30 26840 31833
Winter Office: +30 26840 31515

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